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January 3rd, 2013

These are new and upcoming releases we’re currently working on in European media:


Benelux PR only:

24/03  STEVE HACKETT “The Night Siren” – New album on InsideOut Music

28/04  LONELY ROBOT “The Big Dream” – New album on InsideOut Music

19/05  RIKARD SJÖBLOM’S GUNGFLY “On Her Journey To The Sun” – New album on InsideOut Music


PR in all of Europe (ex UK):

07/04  THE OBSESSED “Sacred” – New album on Relapse Records

07/04  ECSTATIC VISION “Raw Rock Fury” – New album on Relapse Records

12/05  JOHN FRUM “A Stirring In The Noos” – New album on Relapse Records


PR in all of Europe (ex UK, GAS, France, Italy and Finland):

23/03  BROTHER FIRETRIBE “Sunbound” – New album on Spinefarm Records

07/04  DEAD BY APRIL “Worlds Collide” – New album on Spinefarm Records

07/04  ROYAL THUNDER “WICK” – New album on Spinefarm Records

14/04  SHORES OF NULL “Black Drapes For Tomorrow” – New album on Candlelight Records

21/04  COLTSBLOOD “Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness” – New album on Candlelight Records

21/04  ANCIENT ASCENDANT “Raise The Torch” – New album on Candlelight Records

28/04  HE IS LEGEND “few” – New album on Spinefarm Records

28/04  DARKE COMPLEX “Point Oblivion” – New album on Spinefarm Records

12/05  SEETHER “Poison The Parish” – New album on Spinefarm Records

19/05  HELL OR HIGHWATER “Vista” – New album on Spinefarm Records

02/06  THE ONE HUNDRED “Chaos & Bliss” – New album on Spinefarm Records

02/06  FLOGGING MOLLY “Life Is Good” – New album on Spinefarm Records


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