Petting Zoo Propaganda works with these record labels and artists:

European promo for Obituary, YOB, Myrkur, Amenra, Cave In, Razor, Author & Punisher, Sumerlands, Hoaxed, Poison Ruïn, Dorthia Cottrell, ASG, Pig Destroyer, Nothing, Red Fang, Boris, Dying Fetus, Inter Arma, Monolord, Incantation, Ripped To Shreds, Geld, Zeke, End Reign,  Zombi, G.I.S.M., City Of Caterpillar, S U R V I V E, Candy, Cloakroom, Wrong, Outer Heaven, The Keening, Genghis Tron, Ceremony, -(16)-, Gruesome, Exhumed, Final Gasp, Ilsa, Steve Moore, Windhand, Pinkish Black, Realize, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, R.A.M.B.O., Integrity, Genocide Pact and Devil Master


Benelux promo for Ghost, While She Sleeps, Royal Thunder


Benelux promo for Ihsahn, Urne, Shade Empire, Deitus


Benelux, Eastern Europe, Iberia and Greece promo for Baroness